Meat-O-Matic is a machine like none other. It has the ability to transform boring old plants (well, their protein) into succulent tasty plant-based meats. It can create, chickeny, fishy, beefy cuts of meat in less than an hour. Each run can produce a few kilograms of plant meats. An extrodinary feat considering that it takes chicken, well, longer to produce chicken.

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Small in size, big in potential

Although it fits right on your average kitchen table, variety of possible products are limited only by our imagination. In 30 to 60 minutes, with almost no effort, it produces few kilograms of fibrous plant-based meat, resembling beef, pork, chicken or even fish! This video shows the raw product imediately after production with our prototype.


Energy efficient structuring

Unique architecture enables us to create machine that is up to 10 times more efficient than traditional texturizing methods. This means it is 10 times cheaper than our competition. Our design also enables us to produce small machines that restaurants and grocerie stores can use to produce their own plant-based meats  thereby reducing costs associated with storage of textured protein that would otherwise need to be refrigerated of frozen.


Bespoke plant-based meats

We provide bespoke protein and aroma mixtures for our customer so each restaurant can have their signature taste. Our mixes are in powder form so we can reduce storage cost and optimise distribution to ensure no shortages ever occur.


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